Philanthropy ALWAYS starts with something personal.

Paramount to the issues that govern philanthropic work, it is important to enter into charitable activites with transparency, trust and a solid foundation for doing good.  We understand the unique circumstances that our clients face while being publicly-recognized, and the importance that trust and confidentiality play in delivering meaningful programs to the community.  Our experience prooves it.


Based on the overall needs, goals and mission of our Client Matters, Philanthropy Matters LLC can provide the following:

  • Consulting and advising with philanthropic mission and direction

  • Program development and management

  • Grant-making review, process management and evaluation reporting

  • Financial oversight and reporting on charitable portfolio

  • Administrative management for philanthropic activities

  • Establishment of 501(c)(3) status

  • Management of Commercial Co-Ventures

  • Special Event strategic planning and oversight


Fee structures are created to reflect the overall engagement and scopes of work that clients will require.


Please contact craig@philanthropymatters.us for additional information.